"Imagine a technology that would increase the efficiency of any petro-chemical process by 2.5 to 15%. Sunarc has the solar energy know how to make this vision a reality in the future."

Sunarc Technology A/S is a limited liability company located in Rønnede approximately 65 kilometers south of Copenhagen close to freeway E47, with easy access to central Europe and its major ports.

Sunarc started commercial operation and production in 2000, at a smaller site and moved to its present premises in 2006.

The present production capacity of the factory in Rønnede is 2 million m² of AR glass per year and the building can house more production lines.

In 2009 Sunarc set up 4 new production lines in Europe and Asia, in close cooperation with a major customer. As of 2010 Sunarcs combined production capacity is more than 8 million m² of AR glass world wide.

Sunarc AR technology was researched and developed for 20 years before production was started in 2000. At present, Sunarc is the only company that uses a subtractive process to create an AR layer in the glass which leads to superior durability and performance over time. Other production techniques add an AR layer to the glass surface.

Sunarc strives to set up joint ventures with large volume customers. This is part of Sunarcs expansion strategy and can substantially reduce costs for both parties.

The Sunarc mission statement:
Sunarc aims to enable its customers to achieve superior performance in their solar energy applications, and to be able to guarantee this over time.



Sunarc Technology A/S Industrivej 44
DK-4683 Rønnede

Phone: +45 5621 3000
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