Winner of Entrepreneur Of The Year in the category Cleantech:

Glass for greenhouses and solar cells wins prestigious growth award

Sunarc Technology A/S has just been elected Entrepreneur Of The Year 2012 in the category Cleantech. With a field of competent businesses all of which are successfully operating in the global market, the competition was keen, but Sunarc Technology won the prize as the most powerful growth locomotive in the Cleantech category.

Sunarc Technology, a manufacturer of glass for, among other purposes, solar cell plants, is a robust business having managed to reduce its risks in a time and in a segment highly sensitive towards economic trends and energy-political priorities.

’Sunarc Technology has created a glass surface treatment product that can increase the food production in greenhouses by as much as 25% - and without detriment to the environment. The glass surface treatment also has an enormous effect on the absorption of energy in sun panels, thus opening up a door to altogether new markets and opportunities. Calling Sunarc Technology’s product a ”green revolution” is no understatement. With a visionary inventor – whose heart beats warmly for the benefit of society – and a product having been 15 years underway, Sunarc Technology has won the jury’s hearts and is therefore this year’s winner in the category Cleantech’, says Carsten Collin, Director of Entrepreneur Of The Year.

Bright idea behind the company’s success
Sunarc Technology is the inventor of a technology that must be considered a breakthrough in the market for antireflection-coated glass. This particular type of glass increases the solar energy efficiency, meaning that the production of electricity from solar cells increases considerably. Combined with the company’s robust and pragmatic strategy, this has produced sustainable financial results.

The Danish Chamber of Commerce rejoices at the fact that the field of contestants this year have interesting concepts as their commercial basis and – on top of that - are drivers of growth.

’It is gratifying for the Danish business sector that there are good and inspiring growth stories such as Sunarc Technology’s. It is very positive, not least in times of crisis, that we have spearheads that can show the way to growth’, says Ulla Brandt, Senior Consultant.

World-class, business-driven cleantech
15 years ago, the company started up production in a barn, fitted up a test laboratory in the kitchen of the house and had only two employees: the entrepreneur’s wife and his best friend. Sunarc Technology’s first customers were solar panel producers and greenhouse farmers – and so the way for growth was paved.

In 2009, Sunarc Technology set up new production lines in Europe and Asia in close cooperation with major customers what now became business partners. Today, the company is a professional technology provider which, together with a new Chinese partner, contributes to increased energy and food production for more than one billion people – without any adverse effects on the climate.

For more information about Entrepreneur Of The Year, please contact Malene Billund, the Danish Chamber of Commerce, tel. +45 4083 9603, or Katrine Rørdam, Ernst & Young, tel. +45 5158 2836.


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