There are numerous areas where Sunarc AR glass can significantly increase performance.

Windows in buildings.

When using triple glazing with low emissive coatings the transmittance in the visible spectrum is as low as 60%. By using AR glass in two of the three panes the transmittance of these two panes can be increased from 80 to 95%. This increases the transmittance of the window by up to 20%. This reduces the need for indoor lighting.

An alternative could be to use AR glass with thicker low emissive coatings. A transmittance of 60% could still be achieved but with the benefit of better insulation and energy savings not possible with untreated glass.

Industrial lighting.

High power industrial lighting applications can be significantly improved by using  low iron Sunarc AR glass. The increase in transmittance when using AR glass leads to an improved distribution of light in the target area. Less light will be scattered outside the illuminated area.



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