Transmittance as a function of the wavelength (400-700 nm) for cover glass in thermal collector applications. A NEN 2675 spectrum is also illustrated in the same graph. The integrated green house transmittance before and after AR treatment is:



AR glass






The transmittance of green house glass increases by 6.3% after AR treatment.

The greenhouse business in temperate regions needs to use increasingly more sophisticated technology to remain competitive compared to regions with abundant sunlight.
A key factor to increase crop yield per m² is the use of Sunarc AR glass.
Production increases of 10 to 15% per m² have been reported.
The use of Sunarc AR glass might well be the most profitable element in the total cost of a new greenhouse.

In greenhouses the use of anti-reflective glass improves the amount of incoming light leading to improved plant growth. The AR glass increases UVB transmittance. This light is essential to the health of plants, and helps to reduce the need for fungicides and pesticides.



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